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If you are like 50% of Americans, you will make a New Year’s resolution. Yet, only 10% of people keep their resolution.

Why You Should Make a New Year’s Resolution

Even if you have made New Year’s resolutions in the past and never managed to keep them, you should still make new ones for this coming year.

Making resolutions forces you to think about your current situation and where you want to be in the future. Setting them gives you hope that you can make things different. They force you to recognize weaknesses in your life and create a plan to improve in those areas. Finally, New Year’s resolutions often serve as an inspirational starting point for a brighter future.

Why Most People Do not Keep New Year’s Resolutions

There are at least three things you should consider before selecting your new year’s resolutions:

Old Habits Occur Naturally

Habits are ingrained in humans, and it is tough to break them. They are embedded into our implicit memory, so it is easy to keep doing the same thing without thinking about it. Think about when and where you engage in bad habits and seek alternative solutions.

Fail to Set Smaller Goals to Reach Larger Ones

Many people set precise outcomes without a plan to achieve them. When selecting a New Year’s resolution, break the goal down into more achievable steps that you can achieve quickly, and you are more likely to keep your resolution.

Set Meaningless Goals

Others fail because they have quickly concorded an idea that is not personally meaningful to them. Then, when life gets hectic, they forget about their resolution. Instead, spend time thinking about a personal goal you are willing to work for throughout the coming year.

If you have trouble focusing on a positive self-change that you want to make, reach out to us to see if we can help you achieve your goal this year. We can help you determine why you have failed to keep them in the past and help you create new ones that you will want to fulfill. You will be extremely proud of yourself when you keep your resolution!



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