cross country skiing

Do Good for Your Mind and Body!

No doubt about it, the winters in Wisconsin and the surrounding states can be cold, icy, and dark, and definitely can have an effect on our moods. And not everyone can simply move to a warmer climate to ride out the winter months!

If you are unable to escape from the winter in Wisconsin, perhaps consider taking a fun approach to at least make the most of the cool season by taking up cross-country skiing! While not everyone is willing or able to try downhill skiing or some of the more physically dangerous and expensive to participate in winter sports, cross country skiing can be a more affordable and easier way to get some great exercise locally and enjoy the beautiful winter trails throughout Southeast Wisconsin. The activity can help reignite an appreciation for the season and the beautiful natural environment that surrounds you as you ski.

Cross country skiing can be one of the most demanding of cardio sports, so of course, it is recommended that you check with your doctor as you should before beginning any new exercise routine.  Besides getting fresh air and burning a lot of calories, cross country skiing is a low-impact exercise that also allows you to get fit with a relatively low risk of injury.

Here are a few of the Cross Country Trails throughout Southeast Wisconsin, along with links to the trails to find out more information: