If you are an individual who could benefit from depression treatment or anxiety treatment, telehealth may be the perfect solution. Also called telemedicine, there are several ways that people with depression or anxiety may benefit from telehealth.

Telehealth is Convenient

Telemedicine eliminates the hassles of taking a day off work and finding a sitter to make your appointment. Many employers are willing to let you do your appointment in a quiet corner of their workplace without taking a whole day away from work. This works because your appointment is made on your smartphone or laptop, so you can be anywhere in the world and still see your doctor. It also frees up more time to take care of other daily tasks and duties.

Telemedicine Increases Accessibility

Many people who are depressed or anxious must travel more than 10 miles to see their health care provider. This can be especially difficult for those who do not have a car as riding public transportation can be very time-consuming. Additionally, if your employer requires you to travel frequently, you can still keep your appointments while protecting your precious hours in your home community. Furthermore, those with mobility challenges do not have to worry about if the doctor’s office is accessible.

Telepsychiatry Offers More Privacy

Making your appointments online means more privacy because you can easily do them from the comfort of your home or workplace.

Insurance Should Cover the Cost

One of the positive outcomes of the pandemic is that insurance companies have been forced to cover the cost of telehealth appointments. If you are on Medicaid or Medicare, there is much more flexibility in getting your appointments covered than at any time in the past. Additionally, if you do not have access to insurance, you may find more opportunities to work with a clinic that has a sliding fee scale.

Telehealth Is More Comfortable

Most patients with depression and/or anxiety report that they feel more comfortable seeing the doctor online because they are surrounded by their things and in their own space. This may help you dive deeper into the challenges you are facing to find workable solutions sooner.

At ABC, we are proud to offer the same quality of care regardless of where we see our patients and are very satisfied with the outcomes we see through teletherapy. If we can benefit you, then reach out to us today.