According to Suicides in Wisconsin Impacts and Responses, released in September 2020, suicide rates in the state increased by 40% between 2000 and 2017. While most suicide deaths were male, females were more likely to seek help at an emergency room.

Parents, if you are concerned about your child, it is vital to know when to call 911 or the emergency number in your area. If you delay, the consequences can be deadly.

When to Go to an Emergency Room

You must contact emergency services immediately if your child threatens to harm themselves. This may include:
• Saying in person or online that they want to kill themselves
• Using a search engine to find details on how to commit suicide
• Stockpiling medicine or other materials that can be used to commit suicide
• Writing a suicide note
• Giving away processions or writing a will
• Committing self-injurious behaviors

Other Times to Seek Emergency Room Help for a Mental Health Crisis

Often, an individual threatening self-harm must be taken by the parents or another individual to an emergency room. At other times, they may be threatening to harm someone else. Examples include:
• Saying or starting to prepare to kill a person or group of people
• Becoming violent toward others
• Starting fires or destroying property
• Hurting animals
• Threatening someone with a weapon

What to Take to the Emergency Room

When a psychiatric emergency occurs, it is vital to get the person to an emergency room as quickly as possible. It is best not to leave a person who is having a crisis alone, even for a second. Therefore, you should make that your primary goal. If you have help, bring along the following:
• Suicide note
• Current medications
• Empty medicine bottles if suspected overdose
• Provider contact information

Mental health crises can be scary. We would love to work with you and your loved ones to see if they can be prevented. We also want to be part of the follow-up care team after they occur.



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