People in Wisconsin have reason to celebrate the state of mental health help in our state. While there will always be room for improvement, Wisconsin once again tops the State of Mental Health in America 2023 list as the state with the best mental health because of its overall placing when many factors are combined.

Overall Mental Health Findings

The report from Mental Health America found that about one in four Americans have a mental health concern. That amounts to more than 50 million Americans. The largest group, an estimated 15%, had a substance abuse issue. Sadly, over 93% of them received no treatment. Other key findings include the following:

• 60% of American youth with depression received no treatment
• 55% of Americans with mental health concerns did not receive treatment in the last year
• 28% of Americans with a mental illness did not receive care, with most self-reporting it was because they could not afford it
• 23% of Americans who report having 11 or more mentally unhealthy days per month were unable to see a doctor because of the cost
• 16% of American youth reported at least one depressive episode in the last year
• 11% of Americans with a mental health issue were uninsured
• 11% of Americans who were biracial reported serious suicidal thoughts
• 4.8% of Americans report serious suicidal thoughts

Wisconsin Results for Adult Mental Health

While Wisconsin topped the list as the state with the best overall mental health, there is still plenty of room for improvement. The report further broke down several categories while ranking each state. Those results show Wisconsin to be fifth in the nation in adult mental health. In specifics, the state is:

• 3rd in the nation for adults reporting unmet mental health care needs
• 7th in the nation for adults with mental health challenges that are uninsured
• 9th in the nation for the prevalence of mental health issues
• 9th in the nation for access to mental health care
• 9th in the nation for adults with mental health concerns that did not receive any type of treatment
• 23rd in the nation for adults with the most unhealthy mental health days
• 23rd in the nation for adults with serious thoughts of suicide
• 24th in the nation for adults with substance abuse issues
• 29th in the nation for adults with any mental illness
• 35th in the nation for mental health care in the workplace

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