Recognize the Common Causes Behind Mental Health Issues Among Women

Women, for thousands of years, have faced depreciating terms such as being called hysterical, weaker gender or crazy, when struggling with mental health disorders. In today’s society, women feel the pressures from attempting to balance home life, child care barriers, employment, and trying to find time to have self-care to help ward off exhaustion that could lead to increased anxiety and/or depression, among other issues. Biological, environmental, and psychosocial factors partially contribute to the development of certain mental and physical health concerns, and since gender can directly affect those factors, it also can make women’s issues unique.

Why Women Choose American Behavioral Clinics

Women experience a variety of mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, stress disorders, mood disorders, and even substance use in a self-medicating manner. Yes, men experience all these as well, however, women have differences in their treatment needs, such as how they metabolize certain medications compared to men. In addition to these disorders, women often can face cultural issues such as sexism, domestic abuse, work place oppression, poor self-image, and pregnancy and/or motherhood. It is important for women to seek help and focus on self-care.
Our goal is to help women deal with the issues that make being a woman so difficult. We want to restore emotional and physical wellbeing and confidence.


✅  PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)
✅  Depression, stress or anxiety
✅  Substance use
✅  Sexism
✅  Domestic Abuse
✅  Work place oppression
✅  Self-image
✅  Motherhood
✅  Balancing work, children, and personal life
✅  Ext.


Individual Counseling
American Behavioral Clinics offers services provided by professional counselors. They will help women find coping skills, work with them on any issue and help them feel better about themselves. We have many female or male counselors to fit what each individual feels comfortable with.

Group Counseling
American Behavioral Clinics also offers a Woman’s Group. In this group, women talk about their own issues and what has worked or hasn’t worked for them. It provides a safe and secure environment where can individuals feel supported in all their endeavors.

Read more about individual and group counseling at American Behavioral Clinics; contact your nearest location to make an appointment today!

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