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World Mental Health Day 2022 has the theme of Make World Health for all a Global Priority. October 10th is declared mental health day by the World Health Organization annually. The World Health Organization’s goal is that everyone has access to mental health services by 2030, regardless of where they live in the world.

Why a World Mental Health Day

The World Federation for Mental Health created the first World Mental Health Day in 1992. Many organizations have since linked together to bring attention to global well-being challenges. World Mental Health Day’s primary focus is to challenge individuals and groups to work together to promote better well-being.

Causes of Mental Health Issues Globally

The World Health Organization says that one in eight people is affected by some type of mental health challenge. They say that the treatment gap globally between different socioeconomic groups is growing. The organization also says that 25% of the world’s population experienced more depression and anxiety because of COVID. The organization says while the need for providers around the world is growing, the number of providers is shrinking.

United Nations Mental Health Month Activities

The United Nations has created a theme for each week during the month. They are:
October 5-9: Improving Mental Health Throughout the United Nations System
October 12 – 18: Supporting and Welcoming Personnel With Mental Health Conditions
October 19 – 23:  Nurturing Your Own Mental Health and Wellbeing
October 26-30: Ensuring Access for All

How Can You Help?

If you have a mental health condition, the United Nations and the World Health Organization invite you to post your story on your social media feed on October 10. Then, use the hashtag #WorldMentalHealthDay to connect with others worldwide who are coping with their well-being concerns. Letting others know is a great way to encourage others to seek their mental health treatments.
We want to help you create your own success story to share, but that requires that you start working on a plan to have healthy mental health. Contact us today so that we can help you create that plan and support you along the way.



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