emotionally mature


Our original article “10 Signs of Emotional Maturity” went viral a while back, so we wanted to provide you with 10 more signs of emotional maturity!


  1. Recognizing and accepting when you are burning out or are feeling off and being ok with asking for help- a day off from work or needing more help around with work around the home.
  2. Setting healthy boundaries for yourself as a form of self-respect- health-orientated boundaries that you set for yourself, and also for others to know you have certain lines related to yourself that you don’t allow others to cross.
  3. Taking responsibility- You take direct ownership of your responsibilities to others, and your work, and don’t seek out others to be a scapegoat when things go wrong. You seek to figure out what you can directly do to help improve a situation.
  4. Being open and honest about yourself with others- You are not coming from a place of having an agenda or needing to be seen as perfect. You own your mistakes and acknowledge that you don’t have all of the answers but are willing to do the work to get the answers or rectify a situation.
  5. Showing Empathy- You take life lessons you have learned and situations where you have suffered and feel another person’s pain and know what it’s like to “walk in their shoes” when they are going through a similar situation. You are able to read a situation or listen to them about it, share your experience with them to show that you can relate to it, and often try to find ways to try and help.
  6. You don’t hold Grudges- You realize you are not free if you hang on to a grudge. You move onwards from it, looking forwards.
  7. You look further into things than from what you gather from your first impressions. You look to see things more deeply and respect another’s take on how to approach a problem or get something done.
  8. You live a value-driven life. You recognize your own purpose and worth and seek to continue to grow personally and professionally as well as seek to help others when they need it.
  9. You keep a realistic perspective on love and relationships.
  10. You handle setbacks with self-compassion and patience.