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Postpartum Mental Health Challenges for New Moms


While many women welcome the birth of a new baby as a joyous occasion, some develop depression as the hormones change drastically in the body. It is usual for moms to experience bouts of depression starting within two days of the baby’s birth and lasting about two [...]

Postpartum Mental Health Challenges for New Moms2023-05-23T15:11:52-05:00

5 Suggestions to Eliminate Stress in the Workplace


If you are seeing more stress among your employees, there are several things that you can do to help alleviate some of it. The result of lessening tension in the workplace is usually a more productive workforce who stay at their jobs longer and call in less often. Identify the Cause [...]

5 Suggestions to Eliminate Stress in the Workplace2023-05-23T10:57:57-05:00

Your Changing Parental Role Following High School Graduation


Many parents find it challenging to cope with their changing role as a parent now that their child is leaving home. Keeping some points in mind can help to create a positive relationship with your young adult. Become Your Child's Mentor Even though your parenting days are over, your child still [...]

Your Changing Parental Role Following High School Graduation2023-05-18T13:13:09-05:00

Benefits of Myokines Release so Powerful Doctors are Social Prescribing


Psychologists have long known that exercise helps improve mood. They know that physical activity causes the body to release dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin that help lift a person’s mood. Still, researchers could not explain all the mood-lifting effects they were seeing. They now think they have found the secret in myokines. How Do Myokines [...]

Benefits of Myokines Release so Powerful Doctors are Social Prescribing2023-05-11T13:33:14-05:00

ADHD in Babies and Preschoolers


Researchers at Tulane University have studied results collected from over 10,000 children born between 2005 and 2009 for signs of ADHD. The researchers looked at 40 different factors known before or during birth and identified 14 factors that predicted the presence of ADHD in a child. Researchers are hopeful that identifying [...]

ADHD in Babies and Preschoolers2023-05-11T13:14:40-05:00

Celebrate National Mental Health Awareness Month


May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. People have celebrated this movement to support mental health in America since 1948. The theme for 2023 is more than enough. The founders desired to move talk to action to improve mental health conditions. Today, more than 1,750 nonprofit organizations celebrate the month. You Are More Than [...]

Celebrate National Mental Health Awareness Month2023-05-04T12:17:38-05:00

28% Increase of Veterans Crisis Line in March 2023


The Veterans Crisis Line received a record number of calls in March 2023. The staff fielded over 88,000 calls during the month, 28% higher than any previous month. Authorities with the Veterans Administration believe that the surge is only the start of a burgeoning problem that will continue for the foreseeable future. While veterans [...]

28% Increase of Veterans Crisis Line in March 20232023-04-28T17:07:57-05:00

Eliminating Test Anxiety


Up to 40% of students experience test anxiety. These students often feel physical and psychological distress and may have trouble performing their best on tests. Sometimes, test anxiety becomes so severe that they resist tackling higher education. If you are one of these students, there are some steps you can take [...]

Eliminating Test Anxiety2023-04-28T17:25:55-05:00