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You Deserve Inner Peace


At American Behavioral Clinics, we are keenly interested in the way you currently feel within your own mind. Are you calm and peaceful, or do you feel uncertain and anxious? If anxiety is a common component of your life lately, let's talk about it. We want to help [...]

You Deserve Inner Peace2024-07-10T17:28:27-05:00

Big News: American Behavioral Clinics Opens New Mental Health Clinic in Dousman, Wisconsin!


  DOUSMAN, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES /EINPresswire.com/ -- American Behavioral Clinics (ABC) is proud to announce the opening of our new clinic in Dousman, WI, offering top-quality mental health services to individuals and families in the area. The new clinic, located at 370 Venture Drive, Dousman, WI 53118, will provide a range of evidence-based treatments for a variety [...]

Big News: American Behavioral Clinics Opens New Mental Health Clinic in Dousman, Wisconsin!2024-07-10T11:36:12-05:00

Summer’s Happening! Now, What?


Do you feel like summer started without your permission? Don't worry. You can still catch up to the season. Are You Ready to Make Great Summer Memories? Feeling like you're one step behind the prevailing season is common, so take heart. We're still early in July, and you have plenty of time to create [...]

Summer’s Happening! Now, What?2024-07-03T11:03:35-05:00

For a Happier Summer, Employ These Behavioral Skills


Summer's events can generate diverse emotions. For some, those emotions may be intense, distracting or destructive. You can enjoy a happier summer by employing skills developed by dialectical behavior therapists. What Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy? Originally developed as a treatment for borderline personality disorder, this type of therapy that's also known [...]

For a Happier Summer, Employ These Behavioral Skills2024-07-03T10:43:49-05:00

When You Compare, Do You Despair?


Earlier this year, a team of researchers in Switzerland shared their peer-reviewed insights regarding the effects of social comparison via Instagram on users' mental health. You can access the team's full journal article through ScienceDirect. According to the paper's authors, "The effects of depressive symptoms and social comparisons lead to a [...]

When You Compare, Do You Despair?2024-06-21T14:51:20-05:00

Let’s Talk About Procrastination


Today, let's explore procrastination's role in your life. Understanding your relationship with procrastination can help you achieve fulfillment and personal success. Someone may have labeled you a procrastinator. They may as well have called you human because almost everyone procrastinates sometimes. Still, if you find yourself rarely accomplishing [...]

Let’s Talk About Procrastination2024-06-21T14:38:03-05:00

Managing Stress While Planning Your Wedding


    Planning a wedding is often an exciting but stressful time. Here are some strategies to help manage stress during this period, along with signs indicating when it might be time to seek professional mental help. Managing Stress Delegate Responsibilities: Share the workload with your partner, family, and friends. [...]

Managing Stress While Planning Your Wedding2024-06-13T11:34:32-05:00

Making Marriage Work


Many young peoples dream of their wedding day. Often, accepting the harsh reality of life after marriage is what makes long-term marriages work. Make no mistake about it, staying married requires lots of hard work, but happily married couples discover the struggles are worth it in the end. Love Vs. Respect When you first [...]

Making Marriage Work2024-06-13T11:42:01-05:00

How to Navigate Intense Fears About Thunderstorms


If you're a weather watcher, you might know June is the wettest month of the year in the Milwaukee area. Due to summer's heat, June's rain often falls from thunderstorms. According to a study from Ball State University, "About 85 percent of respondents reported having at least some degree of severe-weather [...]

How to Navigate Intense Fears About Thunderstorms2024-06-10T14:06:59-05:00

PTSD Awareness Month – Healing The Invisible Wounds


Recognizing the need for a deeper understanding of mental health within the nursing field, Joachim earned her Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Certification from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This advanced training has enabled her to provide specialized care for those suffering from mental illness. In a follow-up discussion, Joachim shares her insights on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), shedding light on its complexities and the paths to managing it.

PTSD Awareness Month – Healing The Invisible Wounds2024-06-12T12:11:29-05:00