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Having Trouble Sleeping? Get Mental Health Help


Sleep disorders affect nearly 70 million Americans annually. While insomnia is the most common sleep disorder, there are others. If you are one of these individuals seeing a mental health worker can help. Insomnia Up to 50% of the adult population suffers from insomnia. While many think that insomnia is the inability to fall [...]

Having Trouble Sleeping? Get Mental Health Help2023-01-23T12:29:05-06:00

Benefits of Early Screening for Autism


If you fear that your child has autism, you should set up an appointment with a child psychiatrist. These professionals are medical doctors who have received additional training in how the mind works. Therefore, they are the perfect medical provider to contact when you are looking to rule out autism. [...]

Benefits of Early Screening for Autism2023-01-23T12:15:51-06:00

Studies Show Teaching Teens Proactive Coping Skills Provides Them Rich Rewards


If you are a parent of a teen, then you know that their lives can be extremely stressful. Both studies, funded by the University of North Carolina, found that teaching teens proactive coping skills improved their physical health as they struggled with the challenges of being a teen. What Are Proactive Coping Skills? Proactive [...]

Studies Show Teaching Teens Proactive Coping Skills Provides Them Rich Rewards2023-01-17T17:35:09-06:00

Beat Blue Monday


Blue Monday is the third Monday of January. While initially conceived by a British travel agency as a publicity stunt, researchers believe that there are reasons that people feel particularly sad on this day. Often, when credit card bills from Christmas arrive, there is limited daylight, and people realize that they have already broken [...]

Beat Blue Monday2023-01-13T13:46:54-06:00

Black Suicide Rates Climb


In Milwaukee County, black individuals had the highest suicide rate in 2022, according to data released by the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office. This follows a national trend that experts with the Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health. Factors Causing Black Suicide There are three overwhelming reasons that blacks commit a higher rate [...]

Black Suicide Rates Climb2023-01-13T13:16:15-06:00

Burnout Happens – Here are Red Flags Of A Burnout Prone Workplace


If you feel a little sluggish heading back to the office, you are not alone as nearly 50% of workers and 53% of managers report feeling burned out at work. If you are one of them, getting a different job may have crossed your mind. The World Health Organization has stated that burnout is [...]

Burnout Happens – Here are Red Flags Of A Burnout Prone Workplace2023-01-10T11:18:53-06:00

Wisconsin Ranks High Nationally for Mental Health Care


Wisconsin Tops Nation for Mental Health Care Wisconsin ranks best in the nation for mental health across all segments. According to the latest report by Mental Health America, the state ranks  7th overall, 2nd in the country for adult mental health care, and eleventh in the nation for youth mental health care. While not [...]

Wisconsin Ranks High Nationally for Mental Health Care2023-01-10T11:08:19-06:00

The State of Student Mental Health in Wisconsin


The State of Student Mental Health in WisconsinAccording to a survey by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction in December 2022, students report an increased rate of mental health challenges. Over 50% say that they are experiencing stress while over 33% say they feel more anxious than they did previously. Students facing food insecurities, females, [...]

The State of Student Mental Health in Wisconsin2022-12-26T11:53:02-06:00

Little Things Matter Campaign – January


Little Things Matter Campaign The Health, Safety and Environment National Office of Suicide Prevention of Ireland and 25 other international mental health organizations have named January Little Things Matter Campaign to remind people that mental wellbeing is essential. The campaign includes specific things to do in January. Check Your Own Mental Health The campaign [...]

Little Things Matter Campaign – January2023-01-10T11:10:21-06:00

What Types of Psychiatry Are There?


Types of Psychiatry Psychiatrists can choose to specialize in many fields, or they can start a more general practice. When you are looking for a psychiatrist, knowing the different types can help you pick a professional that is ready to assist you. Addiction Psychiatry These psychiatrists often work with people addicted to [...]

What Types of Psychiatry Are There?2023-01-10T11:00:10-06:00