Mental health disorders are considered serious illnesses. We treat patients with these disorders using effective and focused treatment methods and health medications.

How to Know if Medication Services are Right for Me?

Some patients may find relief through psychotherapy sessions involving counseling and other coping strategies. Other patients, especially those suffering from mental health disorders, find that medication is what they need in order to achieve wellness and restore balance. American Behavioral Clinics employs several licensed psychiatrists who may prescribe mental health medications as part of some patients’ treatment plans.

Medications Management

Our compassionate doctors are trained to diagnose and treat mental health disorders with medication on an individual basis. A trained physician oversees each patient prescribed with mental health medications, and patients regularly participate in therapy so that our doctors can adequately assess their patients’ progress and the effectiveness of prescribed medications. Doctors may prescribe patients suffering from certain disorders with the following health medications as a part of their treatment:

✅  Anti-depressants
✅  Anti-anxiety drugs
✅  Antipsychotic medications
✅  Mood stabilizers
✅  Beta-blockers
✅  Tricyclics
✅  Inhibitors

Comprehensive Treatment

Treatment plans for patients requiring mental health medications are very individualized. Our doctors will request a list of current medications before prescribing any mental health medications. Because therapy takes a team approach, we request full cooperation from each patient during follow-up visits and therapy sessions.

At American Behavioral Clinics, we take mental health treatment very seriously. With a patients-first attitude, we are dedicated to providing each patient with the best care possible, medication is no exception.



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