Patients have the opportunity to meet with others who may relate to their current condition. Groups meet under the supervision of a therapist who guides the sessions. Depending on the group’s needs, our therapists will guide the questions and discussions to bring out the most productive group session.

Advantages of Group Therapy

Group Therapy Instills Hope
By meeting with others who can relate, or who also face life struggles, patients see they are not alone. In a group setting, patients may share stories or offer information to encourage and support one another. The power of relating to one another and encouraging one another often enables patients to make life changes. In addition, patients may experience that their guilt, stress or pain is lessened in the company of others who can empathize or have been through similar situations.

Those in the group experiencing progress or recovery will model new behaviors for other group members; those members, in turn, may be encouraged and find hope.

Building a Support System
Group therapy builds a support system and are formed based on a variety of conditions. Some of our groups have formed to assist patients through relational struggles, psychological disorders, family problems, grief and loss, body issues, stress and anxiety and more.

In group therapy, you can benefit from others even during sessions when you say very little. By carefully listening to others, many people find that they have important things in common with other group members. This often leads to learning more about yourself. Group members may also bring up issues that will strike a chord that you may not have been aware of in your own life.

An important benefit of group therapy is the opportunity to receive feedback from other group members in a supportive environment. Group therapy provides a safe place to learn more about yourself and others.

Current Specialized Groups
✅ Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety and Panic Group
✅ Substance Abuse and Relapse Prevention Groups
✅ Substance Abuse and Women’s Group

Bipolar, Anxiety & Panic Group

To sign up or learn more, call our Layton Clinic at 414-877-4570 ext 4

Bipolar, Anxiety & Panic Group

To sign up or learn more, call our Layton Clinic at 414-877-4570 ext 4

Substance Abuse and Relapse Prevention Groups

After care is critical to maintaining a healthy and sober life. The primary goal is to prevent relapse or a return to drug and/or alcohol abuse. Building a healthy support system in a group setting assists in maintaining a healthy and fulfilling life.

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Substance Abuse and Women’s Issues

To sign up or learn more, call our Layton Clinic at 414-877-4570 ext 4