As we roll into the middle of spring, we start to see the sun more around Milwaukee. Longer days may lead to visions of outdoor activities. They also provide an opportunity to enhance our well-being.

Make Going Outside a Priority

Are you getting plenty of sunlight? Advice varies by source, but we all need about 15 minutes of sunlight daily.

Try to prioritize time outdoors on your schedule:

  • Go for a walk.
  • Run in the park.
  • Relax on a bench.
  • Read a book on your deck.

Sunlight Boosts Mental Health

Diverse research has shown the sun’s positive impact on human mental health. In 2023, a study of sunlight’s effects on operating-room nurses shared its findings.

Through a journal article published in Risk Management and Healthcare Policy, we read that 787 nurses participated in the study. “In the low-level sunlight exposure group, nurses’ mental health was better with longer sunlight exposure time,” we find in the study’s conclusion.

That study also advises participants, hospitals, and managers to emphasize regular access to outdoor sun exposure.

Do You Need to Explore Other Methods of Boosting Mental Health?

At American Behavioral Clinics, we encourage you to view sunlight exposure as maintenance for your mental health. Of course, some challenges require other types of mental health support. Right now, you may need

  • Talk therapy
  • Help with persistent depression
  • Counseling for addiction
  • Other expert care

Our diverse team of experienced, well-trained professionals is here to help you. Reach out to one of our clinics in the Milwaukee area today.

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