Hang Out With Friends This Summer

Many people with mental health challenges find it difficult to go out in public, but there are numerous reasons why you will want to overcome those fears and go out with some friends.

Sense of Belonging

Hanging out with some friends gives you a sense of belonging to a group. The right friends also serve as a great emotional support system. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with people who will listen also makes you feel validated.

Reduction of Stigma

When people with mental health challenges isolate, they often think they are the only ones with those issues, and that is not true. Therefore, hanging out with friends is a great way to realize that others often face the same challenges. Furthermore, most people want to empathize with others who see the world differently.

Increased Self-esteem

Even people with mental health challenges have unique talents and abilities. When you lock yourself away, the world misses learning what makes you unique. Therefore, give the world a gift by engaging more with other people.

Develop Coping Skills

When you lock yourself away from the world, you create an environment that seems safe to you. While that may be true, you cannot practice your coping skills. Heading out the door with supportive friends allows you to practice those skills before you need them in an emergency.

Diversity of Perspective

People in the world see it in many ways. When you lock yourself away, you lose the chance to see the world through other people’s eyes. Especially if you are depressed, it can be easy to think sad thoughts when you stay by yourself. Engaging with a more optimistic person may help lift your dark mood.

One thing that helps many people with mental health challenges is to practice their social skills. We would love the opportunity to help empower you through that process, so contact our office to schedule an appointment today.



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