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Many people who suffer from anxiety feel like everything is their fault. Some people find it easy to believe they are responsible for everything that happens, while others assume that a minor issue will spread and affect all areas of their lives. Finally, some people think that the problems they are going through now will last forever. If one of these scenarios describes you, following some tips may help.

Tip 1: Identify All Factors

Start by making a list of all the parts that are creating a challenging situation. Then, write down all the factors causing the current challenge. Work down the list and be sure that you remain realistic. Realize that the only things you can change about the present scenario are things directly under your control right now.

Tip 2: Live in the Moment

The human brain cannot multitask. Yet, when you are facing troubles, your memory will try to remind you of all the things that have gone wrong in the past. While you cannot stop those thoughts from occurring, do not focus on them. Instead, concentrate on what you can do to solve the current dilemma. If you find it challenging to stay focused, create a list of what you need to do to solve the problem. Then, put it in order and work down your list, going from the smallest task to the largest, when possible.

Tip 3: Live a Lifestyle of Gratitude

Even when life seems to have beaten you up, you can still be thankful for some things. Start each day by giving thanks for at least five things before you get out of bed. Post index cards in places where you will see them often with encouraging messages on them. Call up your most optimistic friend and set a coffee date with them.

Life will give you challenges. If you find it difficult to overcome them, you may become anxious. Instead of settling for a negative life, call our office to schedule an appointment as counseling can help.



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