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Self-care has become an important player in the pursuit of human wellness during the 2020s. At American Behavioral Clinics, we hope you make room for self-care in your life. It offers whole-person benefits.

Self-Care Reduces Stress

Whether we are meditators, readers, bubble-bathers, fine-diners, or contemplative walkers, our preferred self-care practice provides a positive health impact. A 2018 BMC Medical Education study of 871 medical students located throughout the United States supports that position.

“Our findings suggest that self-reported engagement in self-care activities is associated with a decrease in the strength of the relationship between perceived stress and quality of life in medical students,” the study’s authors concluded.

If practicing self-care reduces our personal stress, it can surely boost our mental health. After all, it’s common to think more clearly when we’re calm.

You Can Easily Adopt a Self-Care Routine

You may feel like self-care is personally unattainable due to your busy life. Fortunately, adding your favorite clarity-inducing habit can be easier than you might imagine.

After all, we are habit-driven beings, and you only need to begin a streak of days that each include your chosen self-care activity. Soon, self-care will be part of your daily routine, and that routine will likely feel more peaceful.

Boost Your Self-Care Plan With Tailored Support From American Behavioral Clinics

We offer a broad spectrum of services that can heighten the internal peace self-care brings:

Within weeks, the combination of self-care and health-enhancing services provided through American Behavioral Clinics can reset your life.

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