Studies Show Teaching Teens Proactive Coping Skills Provides Them Rich Rewards


If you are a parent of a teen, then you know that their lives can be extremely stressful. Both studies, funded by the University of North Carolina, found that teaching teens proactive coping skills improved their physical health as they struggled with the challenges of being a teen. What Are Proactive Coping Skills? Proactive [...]

Studies Show Teaching Teens Proactive Coping Skills Provides Them Rich Rewards2023-01-17T17:35:09-06:00

Strengthening the Mental Health of Children


Personalized, Caring Attention for Children & Adolescents American Behavioral Clinics is an outpatient therapy treatment facility dedicated to effectively treating people with mental health challenges by reducing suffering, behavioral issues and the impact of psychological trauma.  We do this by providing psychiatric services, counseling, and group therapy that strengthens the emotional health and safety [...]

Strengthening the Mental Health of Children2023-08-18T13:03:11-05:00

Greendale Against Bullying-What is bullying?


Greendale Against Bullying What is Bullying? American Behavioral Clinics has partnered with Greendale Against Bullying. On March 22nd they had a rally to show the movie Bully, listen to former Packer Gilbert Brown and talk about how to defeat bullying. Dr. James Winston gave a speech to the 400 people who had come to take [...]

Greendale Against Bullying-What is bullying?2022-05-26T15:54:39-05:00