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10 More Signs of Emotional Maturity


  Our original article "10 Signs of Emotional Maturity" went viral a while back, so we wanted to provide you with 10 more signs of emotional maturity!   Recognizing and accepting when you are burning out or are feeling off and being ok with asking for help- a day off from work or needing more [...]

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Maintaining Good Mental Health In Older Adults


  Many seniors find that they become more isolated as they age. It may be harder physically to get together with friends. Some people who were essential to the senior’s mental health may have passed on. If you care for a senior, consider these ideas to improve their mental health. Encourage Them to Volunteer Even [...]

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Finding Purpose


  If you have trouble finding purpose in life, you may want to think about the acronym CLIMB. Working through what each letter of this word means in your own life often results in finding your life’s purpose. Comprehend Your Uniqueness Each person is a unique creation with a particular skill set and interests. Make [...]

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Overcoming Relationship Loss


  If your relationship has ended through divorce, you understandably may be in a lot of pain. Your brain needs to process what happened so that you will not find yourself in that position again. Secondly, you need to work through a forgiveness process to move on with your life. Following this four-step approach can [...]

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10 Signs of Emotional Maturity


Emotional maturity is about your ability to understand and manage your emotions. An emotionally mature person has reached (and continues to work at reaching) a level of self-understanding with regards to their thoughts and behaviors and then decides how to best approach and cope with situations that might otherwise be trying or challenging. Being emotionally [...]

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Mental Health: Concerns For Older Adults


Mental Health and Aging The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that an estimated 20% of people aged 55 and older have had a concern involving their mental health, while on average only 2 out of 3 of people in this age group received treatment for the issue. The regular physical effects of aging [...]

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