night owl

Research shows that people who are night owls suffer from more depression than those who naturally get up early in the morning. Harvard Medical School and MIT teams studied over 840,000 people to reach their conclusion. The teams remind people that if you stay up late or go to bed early is determined by your genes. Their studies suggest that going to bed even one hour early can reduce depression rates by up to 23%. The difference between the two groups may be accounted for because those rising early are awake during more daylight hours.

Get Up Early in the Morning by Practicing a Good Bedtime Routine

Researchers say you must stick to a strict bedtime routine if you want to adjust your sleeping hours. Put your phone in a room that is not your bedroom at night. Do the same activity every night, like reading, but avoid blue light from electronic devices so your body knows when to wind down. Setting up a diffuser with lavender essential oil can help create a calm environment.

Reward Yourself for Getting Up in the Morning

Find something to motivate you to get out of bed that you will enjoy every day, like your morning cup of coffee. As soon as you get up, start exposing yourself to light. If the sun is not shining yet, use a light therapy light. Ensure that you see getting up in the morning as a pleasure instead of something you dread doing. Each person will find different things that work for them, so ensure to note them so that you repeat them. Some find it useful to create a list in the morning of everything they need to accomplish during the day.

If you try adjusting your bedtime routine if you are a depressed night owl, and it does not help, contact us to schedule an appointment. There are many treatments for depression available.



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