In one sense, today’s tech inspires awe. Still, if you feel increasingly isolated, the culprit might be the 21st-century device in your hand.

Our Modern Devices Were Supposed to Help Us Stay Connected

From the day the internet became a consumer product, one of its promoted features has been the capability to connect with other people. Today, when a brand launches a new smartphone, improved human connection is a stated or implied benefit of upgrading to that product. But it’s also easy to buy that phone and lose connections with people who care about us.

How Today’s Tech Can Isolate Us

Smartphones let us access information at lightspeed. They also give us the power to create fantasy worlds. For some, these worlds are elaborate. They might feature a VR headset and significant time spent on an expensive platform. Others get wrapped up in apps that promote social gaming with little actual social interaction.

In scenarios like those, we can often find ourselves lonely because we aren’t really talking to someone.

How to Overcome Isolation in the 21st Century

Fortunately, you can easily remedy tech-related isolation. Just select from these tips:

  • Go outside if possible. You’ll meet nice people.
  • Use your smartphone to make real-world plans with a loved one.
  • Plan a tech-free retreat. Invite people with whom you need to reconnect.
  • Host a game night.
  • Instead of sending texts, call loved ones sometimes.

What to Do if Your Isolation Currently Feels Overwhelming

Right now, your sense of isolation may seem immense. You may feel stuck. Let’s get you unstuck. Talking with one of our compassionate, experienced professionals can reduce your feeling of isolation and give you the tools to happily navigate our modernized world. Call American Behavioral Clinics! We are here for you.