Many people have trouble turning loose of grudges. Yet, the effort put forth can improve your mental health dramatically. A study out of Sapienza University of Rome shows that people who hold grudges are more depressed and feel more anxious. Holding grudges also increases your stress level, which can cause high blood pressure, heart problems, lowered immunity, and inflammation. Furthermore, they are more likely to experience cognitive decline and increased social isolation. Therefore, if you are holding a grudge against someone, it is time to let it go. While that can be difficult, you will love the freedom of letting go of the resentment. Following some steps can help you turn loose of grunge.

Acknowledge the Grudge

About 33% of people holding a grudge cannot remember why they are upset with someone. Often that requires facing uncomfortable memories. A counselor can help you recall and deal with those memories more positively.

Acknowledge Your Emotions

It is vital to acknowledge the emotions that you are feeling. Think about the way that your emotions make you feel and the decisions that you are making based on those feelings. Give a specific name to the emotion that you are feeling. It can help to give yourself space to experience those emotions. Many people find it helpful to journal about them. Once you have acknowledged the emotion, ensure that you let go of it.

Practice Compression Reappraisal

Spend some time thinking about why the person you are holding a grudge against may have acted in the way that they did. Considering things from the other person’s point of view can help you process what occurred.

Forgive Yourself

Many people find it easier to forgive others than they do themselves. Yet, you must find the inner strength to forgive yourself for anything you did wrong to cause the event to occur. Try practicing mindfulness by concentrating on current events. Ensure you do not give your inner critic power to control your life. Accept yourself and make goals to become a better you.

Holding a grudge is emotionally and physically unhealthy. We are here to help you deal with the grievance. Contact our office today.



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