choose a therapist


If you want to start therapy or are thinking about changing therapists, you may wonder how to choose a great one. There are several factors to consider when choosing a therapist. These include finding a caregiver who:

Is Compassionate

You need to look forward to visiting with the therapist because they show you that they honestly care.

Actively Listens

Have you ever tried to tell something to someone, and you know they did not hear you? Your therapist should show you that they are actively listening. Usually, this involves stating the things that you tell them back to you to show they are hearing you and understand what you are saying. They must take the time to hear what you are saying.

Stays Abreast of New Mental Health Developments

You deserve a therapist who takes the time to constantly learn and study the latest developments in the mental health industry. Then, they discern what is accurate and useful. Once they find this, they devise a plan to put that change into place within their practice.

Provides Personalized Treatment

There are many different options for helping with most mental health issues. You will want to find a therapist willing to work with you to find the best choice in your case. You do not want one that thinks the same solution will work for everyone.

Comprehends Therapy’s Purpose

A great therapist asks questions and listens to you and your responses to identify the root of the problem. Then, they work together with you to see the issue and work on the treatment to overcome it. Many people have trouble seeing the source of the problem because they are busy trying to solve the day-to-day issues.

At American Behavioral Clinics, we always strive to be compassionate and actively listen to you. Our therapists take the time needed to study the latest evidence-based studies and are quick to implement changes when needed. We promise to treat you as a person and develop an individualized treatment plan based on your needs. Contact us here today.