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Soon, we’ll lean fully into 2023’s holiday season. If that fact makes you worry about potential verbal scrums with family members amid turkey, ham or spiced cider, lean on our expertise. The tips we offer today will help you navigate common situations.

Keep Things Light

If we avoid heavy topics, we improve every family member’s opportunity to enjoy an occasion. Keep the conversation light and easy. Find out what’s new in folks’ lives, and stay upbeat.

Don’t Talk About Politics or Other Fraught Subjects

Commonly, people in our society say it’s wise to avoid talking about religion and politics. Unless you know you’re among like-minded folks, that’s always sound advice. After all, topics like these stir folks’ emotions.

Look for Common Ground

Instead of focusing on things that divide you and your relatives, seek common ground. You may share a deep interest in a sports team or a performing artist, for example. If you’re unsure about what you have in common, ask your family members what they’ve been listening to or watching recently. You could be surprised.

Play a Beloved Game

If conversations don’t start easily, break out the games. Most families have their favorites. Popular options include


We Help Family Members Talk

Some years, the holidays arrive when members of a loving family are experiencing extreme difficulty communicating. Such cases require more assistance than a sincere blog article’s tips can provide. If your family is currently at such a crossroads, our practice’s board-certified experts can help you communicate with each other again.

To discover how to talk to your family again, talk to us today!



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