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Do you wish you had someone to talk to right now? Most folks need a good, qualified listener in their lives, but that need does not always translate into accessing professional therapy. Let’s change that today.

Often, Folks Try Finding Substitutes for Reliable Therapy

While working through trauma or grief, folks may seek release valves. You may have noticed people choosing unreliable release valves during your lifetime. The spectrum of examples is broad:

  • Abusing alcohol and other substances
  • Eating our feelings
  • Leaning into an artistic pursuit beyond a healthy limit
  • Hitting the gym, and never mentioning the trauma to anyone
  • Talking to anyone except a qualified therapist

Talking to an Experienced Professional Offers You Important Benefits

Certainly, talking to any empathetic person can be useful. You will receive the most help when you talk to a licensed therapist. They offer you

  • Deep understanding
  • Professionalism
  • Proven strategies for navigating your life

In fact, with the right therapist’s help you can

  • Overcome anxiety
  • Manage intense stress
  • Work through grief and loss
  • Navigate diverse trauma
  • Face the unique challenges of PTSD
  • When appropriate, gain access to useful medication prescribed by a psychiatrist
  • Address a broad array of mental health issues

Let’s Normalize Talking to Someone Who Can Help

Now that you know the value of talking to a qualified, licensed therapist, we encourage you to reach out to our team at American Behavioral Clinics. We offer care at our clinics located throughout Southeast WI . Call us today!



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