Little Things Matter Campaign

The Health, Safety and Environment National Office of Suicide Prevention of Ireland and 25 other international mental health organizations have named January Little Things Matter Campaign to remind people that mental wellbeing is essential. The campaign includes specific things to do in January.

Check Your Own Mental Health

The campaign is an excellent reminder to check your mental health. Take an inventory of how you are feeling. Make it a priority to get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily, get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet. If you need help, seek out resources so that you receive it. Avoid becoming socially isolated.

Check in on Your Friends

January can be challenging for many people as things may not have gone as smoothly over the winter holidays as they had hoped. Therefore, you must check in with friends. Be compassionate and a great listening ear. If you find someone needing help, please help them find resources that will help them. Many people may be reluctant to seek out services, so offer to go with them.

Plan a Special Activity

Since much of the area is a frozen wonderland in January, when people tend to become even more isolated, consider planning a special activity with friends during the month. It can be as simple as everyone bringing a favorite winter dish to your home or going out to eat with a group of friends and spending some time talking to each other. Consider inviting elderly friends and family members as they are particularly prone to social isolation.

Share on Social Media

Many people are amazed at the number of people who have or are overcoming a mental health challenge. Talking about your story on social media may encourage others to seek treatment.
Simple changes can often improve your mental health. If that is not enough, contact our mental health clinic for further assistance. We want to help you have the best 2023 possible.