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Mental Health Awareness Week 2022 runs from October 2 to October 8. Two other special related events also happen during that week, and one occurs two days after its end. The first is the National Day of Prayer for Mental Illness Recovery and Understanding, occurring on Tuesday, October 4 while the second is National Depression Screening Day on October 6. World Mental Health Day is October 10.

Together for Mental Health

The National Alliance for Mental Health is using the theme Together for Mental Health to remind people that everyone must work together to advocate for mental health for all. The organization, which is the largest mental health organization in America, has developed a three-prong focus for its Together for Mental Health program. The organization has provided federal, state and local resources that everyone can use to help people receive proper mental health.


The organization encourages everyone to tell their mental health story, especially to elected officials. They also urge people to take to social media to spread the word.


People are encouraged to educate themselves on mental health issues and learn where those on the election ballot stand on those issues before voting. They also ask people to share their knowledge with other voters so that everyone can be aware of the issues. This seems a particularly timely part of the message as voters head to the polls on November 8, 2022.


Unfortunately, many people experiencing a mental health crisis receive improper care or no care at all. Instead of helping stop the crisis, this response often escalates it. The organization believes that the best solutions will emerge when everyone works together.

World Mental Health Day

The World Health Organization sponsors World Mental Health Day. This year, one focus will be on suicide prevention, particularly among young people. They point out that stigma and discrimination continue to be a global problem that must be addressed before everyone can receive needed care.

There is no need to wait to start improving your mental health and writing your own success story. We are here to help you set and meet your mental health goals, so reach out today.