New Years Resolutions – How To Make Mentally Healthy Goals For 2021

If you have been doing a lot of self-reflection as 2020 ends, remember that it is normal for people to be harder on themselves than others are on them. As you turn your attention to setting New Year’s resolutions, keeping this fact in mind is instrumental in setting healthy goals.

Weight Loss VS Stress Reduction

Approximately 45% of people resolved to lose weight in 2020, but that may not have happened, especially those who found themselves working from home. Many people have realized that they stress-ate their way through an entire year, and their bodies show it. Additionally, with gyms and other fitness facilities often closed, it was easier not to burn calories.

Instead of making a new weight loss New Year’s resolution for 2021, consider setting a goal to find new ways to cope with stress.

Consider setting a goal to connect with five people every day, even if it is a quick text message or keeping a journal. You may also want to start a new hobby or find some other healthy way to deal with stress in your life.


Replace an Unhealthy Habit

As 2020 dug her heels and refused to leave, many people picked up an unhealthy habit. It may have been starting to smoke again, having too much to drink or even biting your nails. Admitting yours to yourself is the first step in eliminating that bad habit from your life.

Then, decide what new habit you are going to replace the bad one with during 2021. After all, you do not want to be saying 2020 won at this time next year.

Possible healthy habits you may want to start in 2021 include walking more, meditating or doing yoga. Remember that it often takes up to six months to create a new habit in your life, so concentrate on getting started just as soon as this year finally leaves.


Take Control of Your Relationships

As people followed stay-at-home orders throughout 2020, many people became isolated. Others realized that they had surrounded themselves with people who were not supportive of them.

Resolve to take control of your relationships in 2021 so that you find new and exciting ways to connect better with those you choose to spend time with regularly. You may have to get creative, such as regularly Facetiming them or doing window visits with a loved one at a long-term-care facility.

As you surround yourself with positive people, permit yourself to let go of negative ones, even if they are family or long-time friends.

No one expected the changes that 2020 brought to most people’s lives. As you start 2021, resolve to make it the best year that it can be while staying safe.