International Stress Awareness Day

November 1, 2023, is international Stress Awareness Day, as declared by the International Stress Management Association. This day always falls on the first Wednesday of November. Chronic stress over a long period can lead to more severe health concerns, so it is important to recognize chronic pressure and deal with it appropriately.

What Causes Stress?

According to the organization, many factors cause it, including:
• Chronic illness
• Chronic injury
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Anger
• Grief
• Guilt
• Low self-esteem
• Taking care of an elderly or sick family member
• Natural disaster
• Theft
• Rape
•Violence against you or a loved one

What Are Common Signs of Stress?

Stress can cause people to feel and act differently. A person feeling stressed may seem to be constantly angry or depressed. The person may feel unloved or unmotivated. They may either sleep too much or have trouble sleeping at all. Their thoughts may race, or they may be constantly worried. One of the most significant clues that you or someone you know is feeling stressed is that they cannot concentrate. They may be indecisive or always seem to make poor decisions.

How Can International Stress Awareness Day Be Observed?

The first thing that the organization emphasizes is not to worry too much about celebrating the day. In other words, do not make it another thing you need to worry out about.

Secondly, spend some time increasing stress awareness in your own life. Then, create a plan to cope with those things so they do not put as much pressure on you. The organization recommends that you block off a period in your day to create a plan as it can be stressful to try to figure out how to avoid letting your emotions build up when you are worried about or busy with other things at the same time.

They also recommend that you plan a day full of things that will make you laugh. If you work with a team at work, set aside some time for a fun team-building activity that will have everyone laughing. The memories made during the event will help to relieve future stress for your team.

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