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Family Therapy

It’s important to feel connected with and supported by the people who you consider family. But when you’re experiencing conflict with your family members, your entire life can feel like it’s in upheaval. Family therapy helps spouses, parents and children improve their relationship with each other.

Family relationships are complex, and factors within the interpersonal dynamics can affect any member’s well-being and mental health. Distress and friction within any member of a relationship can affect everyone else.

Who Is Family Therapy For?

Whether or not someone lives with you, if you consider them to be family and are struggling with your relationship with them, you can attend family therapy together. You can attend family therapy with your:

Ideally, everyone who lives together or is involved in the issues that are causing concern should attend family therapy. In some cases, another member of the family may participate for a limited time unless the focus of treatment includes them.

For example, if you’re struggling with parenting your child, your own parents may pose an obstacle to improving the situation. You might want to involve them in a few sessions to gain clarity, improve communication with them and plan the next steps.

If you have young children, you may not need to involve them in therapy. Some may be too young to understand or process the information. However, you should talk to your therapist about whether your child or anyone else should attend.

What Does Family Therapy Help With?

If you feel emotionally charged by a situation that’s going on with your family, you may benefit from this type of therapy. Drama, instability, violence, lack of communication and stress when interacting with family members are often indicators that family therapy could help.

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How Does Family Therapy Help?

In family therapy, you’ll learn how to communicate in a healthy way that supports your relationships. You’ll learn how to resolve problems in a healthy manner, understand your family members better and recognize how your actions impact the family dynamic.

You can participate in family therapy to help manage mental health concerns in one individual. This type of therapy is also appropriate for marital distress. You might choose to attend family therapy instead of or in addition to individual therapy or marital counseling to address the needs of the family unit.

At American Behavioral Clinics, we use a multifaceted approach to work with your treatment goals. We may meet with some members of the family individually or conduct group sessions. We use a variety of evidence-based methods to learn coping skills that help you avoid conflict as well as manage it when it arises.

We will explore and address boundaries, power dynamics, relationship psychodynamics, reasons for dysfunction, problematic behaviors and communication. With a focus on goals and progress, we can help minimize the emotional charge in relationships with family members so that you can create a trusting, respectful bond.

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