mental health day

Many people in Wisconsin drive themselves hard to be great friends, parents, siblings, workers, volunteers and advocates. If they are not careful, they can overdo it and become useless to everyone. Therefore, permit yourself to take a mental health day at least quarterly.

Signs You Need a Mental Health Day

People often have telltale signs that it is time to pull back and take care of themselves for a day. Some people experience stress-related headaches or insomnia when they need a mental health day.

These signs might include feeling:
• Unmotivated
• Unproductive
• Exhausted
• Sad
• Irritable
• Unfocused
• Overwhelmed
• Anxious
• Uninterested
• Sarcastic
• Cynical

How to Tell Your Boss You Need a Mental Health Day

It depends on your company’s culture and your openness about needing a mental health day. Many employers do not care as long as you get your work done. You may want to use some of the paid-time-off hours you have accumulated. Some companies even offer employees paid mental health days. Be sure to follow your company’s policies regarding being gone for a day or more.

Live in Racine or Looking for an Easy & Fun Day Trip in Greater Milwaukee? What to Do on Your Mental Health Day

Some people find that doing nothing on their day off is the best solution while others find that they want to reconnect with friends. There are some specific venues that you may wish to visit during your mental health day, including:

Racine Art Museum – Psychologists know that interacting with art alleviates anxiety, depression and stress. This museum contains the largest contemporary craft collection in North America.
Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts – Psychologists also know that interacting with art boost confidence and makes people feel more engaged. This museum hosts frequent exhibitions.
Racine Memorial Hall – This venue hosts many music events, including performances by the Racine Symphonic Orchestra. Mental health workers know that engaging with music helps beat depression and lower stress.
SC Johnson Community Aquatics Center – Exercise has many emotional health benefits, including improving your mood, reducing stress and building self-confidence. This venue is an excellent place for a day of water fun.

Sometimes taking a mental health day is enough to get you back on track. Other times, you may need more help. In that case, set up an appointment to come in and see us.