Are you afraid to take risks toward meeting your goals? Following a four-step process may help.

Step 1: Decide on a Goal

The first step in taking a risk is deciding on a goal you want to achieve. For example, the early settlers who followed the Oregon Trail risked giving up everything they knew to build a better life for their families. Ask yourself what goals are so vital to you that you will put everything on the line to achieve them.

Step 2: Assess the Risks

Everything worth achieving has risks, but thinking through the risks most likely to occur and taking steps to minimize them can help. Ensure that you are realistic and make good decisions. At the same time, many people look back near the end of their lives with regret because they let the risks stop them from achieving their dreams.

Step 3: Make a Plan

Now that you have set a goal that aligns with your core values and beliefs and accessed the risks, it is time to start moving forward. Create a list of small goals you must achieve to reach your dreams. Try putting them in logical order. If possible, work on the smallest goals first. Experiencing success will help inspire you when you get to more challenging tasks. Ensure that your goals are specific so you know when you have achieved them.

Step 4: Work Your Plan

Dedicate time and resources towards meeting your goals. Do not let others convince you that you cannot reach your target. Instead, believe in yourself and keep moving forward. If something is not working, change your approach, but do not give up on achieving your goal.

Achieving your dreams is worth doing, but it can be risky. Working with a skilled mental health counselor can help. Contact American Behavioral Clinics Here today set up a free initial consultation to see if counseling might be the right choice for you.



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