skipping the holidays

Just after we turn the clocks back each year, we roll toward the calendar’s biggest holidays. Whether we’re ready or not, gatherings, gifts and overly jolly ads await us. Those elements can be overwhelming, so if you’d rather skip the whole season this year, we get it, but let’s briefly consider your motivation.

Skipping the Holiday Season Can Be Fine

Of course, any of us can have quite legitimate reasons not to observe the holidays:

  • Personal objections
  • Aversions to crowds, commercialism or consumerism
  • Health emergencies
  • Unexpected life events

Ultimately, you don’t need a reason to bypass the holidays and look forward to January. You might need to provide an explanation for your loved ones, though. Further, you may need to contemplate one thing.

Ask Yourself if There’s Actually a Bigger Issue

Here are some concerning motivations for skipping the holidays:

  • Family disagreements
  • Antisocial responses to adversity
  • Depression
  • Untreated mental health conditions
  • Substance abuse

If you find any item on that list relatable, you do not have to detach yourself from a joyous holiday season this year.

How to Get Back Into the Holiday Spirit

Some folks can put on a holiday playlist and immediately start spreading cheer, but every person is wired uniquely. If you need help rediscovering interest in the season, we’re here for you:

  • We offer expert care for a diverse set of needs at American Behavioral Clinics.
  • Our services benefit adults, teens, children and families.
  • You’ll find one of our seven convenient clinics near you in the Milwaukee area.
  • Call us today!

Before you know it, you’ll be ready to pick out your favorite tree.



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