winter blues
How is your winter going? Are you frustrated that it’s not even Groundhog Day yet? Do you hope that overgrown rodent predicts a swift end to 2024’s winter?

If you are currently in the throes of winter blues, our insights can help.

What Is the Clinical Name for the Winter Blues?

It’s common to become depressed in winter. Colloquially, we may call this condition the winter blues. Healthcare professionals use a different term, seasonal affective disorder. You may be experiencing SAD if:

  • You feel drowsy despite sleeping more than usual
  • Things you usually enjoy have stopped being interesting to you this winter
  • Every winter, you feel depressed
  • Recently, your eating habits have changed dramatically and unintentionally
  • You have become listless

Those common signs of SAD can help you realize that winter’s blues result from your biological system’s reaction to the season.

How Can You Improve Your Winter Blues?

Fortunately, SAD is quite treatable. You can even preempt it next winter. Self-care is very effective against SAD, and you have diverse self-care options:

  • Reading something that captivates you
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Your favorite exercise
  • Appreciating the arts
  • Mindful eating choices

If your self-care choice nourishes your psyche, it is valid.

Can a Professional Help You Treat Your Seasonal Depression?

Primarily, self-care offers personal maintenance. Practicing self-care can support our headspace, but strong depression requires professional attention. If your case of the winter blues is strong, contact us at American Behavioral Clinics. Our expert team of dedicated mental health professionals is ready to help you enjoy life again.



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