We humans can feel failure quite deeply. Some setbacks even cause us pain that might freeze a person in their tracks. If you’re currently feeling stuck due to failure, you can confidently follow our advice.

Reframe Your Inner Thoughts About Failure

Our society divides people into successes and failures. As a result, it’s easy to think of success and failure as permanent states of existence. That’s an intimidating and unhealthy way to frame those two concepts. It’s also incorrect.

For an approach that supports confidence, learn to think of success and failure as temporary states. Remember that everyone fails sometimes, and everyone also succeeds sometimes. This helps us see failure as an opportunity for growth.

Internalize This Popular Japanese Proverb

We grow when we learn from our failures. That growth helps us succeed in the future. Still, some efforts require persistence. In those situations, a well-known proverb from Japanese culture may prove beneficial.

“Fall down seven times, stand up eight,” that proverb says. It emphasizes the importance of determination.

Take a moment now to repeat that phrase to yourself. Write it down. Post it on your bathroom mirror, and use it for daily motivation. If you’re ever confronted by a streak of setbacks, that proverb will help you persevere toward success.

Science also supports the concept of learning from failure. As Dashun Wong, Professor of Management and Organizations at the Kellogg School of Management once told Scientific American about his team’s research, “Every winner begins as a loser.”

That’s another worthy motivational phrase for your mirror!

Talk to Dedicated Professionals Who Can Help You Move Past Failure

At American Behavioral Clinics, we understand that some challenges are too tough for motivational phrases alone. If the idea of failure has you overwhelmed right now, you can talk to us. Our team of experienced mental health professionals will help you move forward again.



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