why mental health matters

Approximately 20% of Americans have a mental health condition. These conditions can be caused by, or the condition worsened through poverty, community violence, and social isolation. Furthermore, many conditions are passed from one generation to the next without intervention. Your mental health is essential for many reasons.

Strengthens Relationships

You have a positive outlook on life when you have good mental health. Therefore, you can form more productive relationships because you gain a better ability to think outside the box when problem-solving. Those relationships may be with your boss, children, parents, or spouse for example.

Improves Your Physical Health

Mental and physical health are interconnected. Researchers believe there is a connection between your mental condition and diabetes, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis. Additionally, people who have mental health challenges often feel fatigued, so they may not be getting the exercise that their body needs. The World Health Organization says that those individuals who have poor mental health live between 10 and 25 fewer years.

Helps Ensure a Long Life

Often, people who have untreated challenges think of committing suicide. Unfortunately, each day approximately 130 people commit suicide. Additionally, people with excellent health are usually more productive and less likely to live in poverty. Therefore, they have more access to healthcare.

Makes You More Productive

According to the World Health Organization, over 200 million workdays are lost annually because of mental challenges. Just think how many more problems could be solved in the world if everyone could come to work each day in a productive mindset.

Improves Communities

The strongest communities actively encourage people to get the help they need in all areas of their lives. They understand that when people have excellent healthcare, mentally and physically, they are kinder to those around them. They are also more willing to work together towards solutions that benefit everybody.

Gives You a Victory Story to Share

If you are not currently experiencing good mental health, many types of treatment are available. Yet, many people go up to 11 years between the onset of symptoms and getting the help they need. Do not be one of those people, because we can hardly wait to be a part of your shared victory story of overcoming mental health challenges! The more victories that we can help create, the less stigma will surround these issues.

If you are currently not experiencing excellent mental health, then reach out to us. We stand ready to assist you in becoming a stronger individual.