ai in mental healthcare

Have you noticed that we all seem to live in the future now? Artificial intelligence is popping up almost everywhere. Does it actually belong in every place you find it, though? For instance, do you really want to receive all of your mental healthcare from a machine?

Artificial Intelligence Keeps Surprising Us

We may not always realize when we encounter AI. By now, most folks around Milwaukee who use smartphones have surely heard of ChatGPT. But encountering AI does not require personally interacting with that popular tool.

For example, have you used an organization’s online chat interface this year? Whether you were booking an appointment or seeking customer service related to a product, AI almost certainly at least initiated the other end of the first chat.

Still, What Is Artificial Intelligence?

The wide usage of AI in today’s world does not necessarily justify its broad adoption in mental healthcare. Undoubtedly, the technology is fast, powerful and frequently useful. “However, AI often involves complex use of statistics, mathematical approaches and high-dimensional data that could lead to bias,” a report from the World Health Organization informs us. That report also warns about incorrect interpretation of output and excess optimism about AI’s capabilities.

You Don’t Want Therapy From AI

Ultimately, we should consider what AI isn’t. It’s not human. It does not possess life, and it cannot truly relate to you. While AI can appropriately aid skilled mental healthcare pros, you can never expect a machine to fully understand your deeply human experiences and problems.

Talk to Actually Intelligent, Human Professionals

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