Wisconsin Tops Nation for Mental Health Care

Wisconsin ranks best in the nation for mental health across all segments. According to the latest report by Mental Health America, the state ranks  7th overall, 2nd in the country for adult mental health care, and eleventh in the nation for youth mental health care.

While not topping either list, they had enough points when officials added the two categories together, Wisconsin came out on top.

In Wisconsin, 20.19% of adults reported having a mental health condition while 19.86% of people reported having one across the nation.

Ranking Factors

The organization looked at 15 different factors before ranking Wisconsin as the best. Those factors include:

  • Adults with any mental illness
  • Adults with substance abuse issues in the last year
  • Adults with thoughts of suicide in the previous year
  • Adults with any mental illness who did not receive treatment
  • Adults with any mental illness who did not have their needs met
  • Uninsured adults
  • Adults reporting 14+ mentally unhealthy days who could not see a doctor because of cost
  • Youth with at least one major depressive episode in the last year
  • Youth with substance abuse issues in the previous year
  • Youth with a severe major depressive episode
  • Youth with a severe major depressive episode who did not see a doctor
  • Youth with severe major depressive episodes who failed to receive consistent treatment
  • Youth with private insurance that did not cover mental health care
  • Students with an individualized treatment plan for emotional disorders
  • Mental health available to employees

National Findings
Nationally, Mental Health America found that about 20% of all people had a mental health challenge. Over 50% of those individuals did not receive mental health help. Over 42% of individuals reported not receiving care because they could not afford it.

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