New Year's Resolutions

As the new year arrives, you may be wondering about the power of New Year’s resolutions. Have you set resolutions in the past that simply did not work? We have some thoughts.

Most Resolutions Revolve Around Goals

Let’s think about typical resolutions:

  • I will lose 50 pounds.
  • I will quit smoking.
  • I will run a marathon.
  • I will become a millionaire.

Crucially, these things are highly unlikely to happen instantly on January 1. As a result, these resolutions cause us to feel excited, but they also have a high failure rate.

Here’s an Alternative to Goal-Oriented Resolutions

Instead of feeling excited, let’s create resolutions that are likely to bring us inner peace. We can do this by focusing on intentions. Think of a goal as a destination and an intention as the journey.

Intentions help us live in the moment. As a result, we improve our odds of attaining happiness.

Here are some intention-based resolutions:

  • Each day this year, I intend to consume a balanced diet that nourishes all of me.
  • I smoke less now, and I walk, too.
  • I’m training at my own pace to run a marathon one day.
  • I’m exploring my personal financial literacy today and all year.

Try writing your own!

Are You Just Not Into 2024 Right Now?

Some people feel excited when the ball drops at Midnight. Others could not care less. If you are not looking forward to 2024, it might be worthwhile to explore why. Certainly, enthusiasm for a new year is not a prerequisite for happiness, but you might realize you need a little help. Reach out to us. Our professional, experienced team is ready to work with you at American Behavioral Clinics.



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