Group Therapy


During group therapy, patients meet in a small group with others who may relate to their current condition. Depending on the size and nature of the groups, the setup of group therapy will vary. Typically, groups may have as many as 12 people or as little as 4 people. Groups meet under the supervision of [...]

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The Doctor-Patient Relationship


The Doctor-Patient Relationship A successful doctor-patient relationship starts with good communication and a partnership where both work toward the best outcome. With preparation, you can become an active partner in your health, making sure that you leave each appointment well informed and satisfied with the care received. Below are some tips you can use to [...]

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What You Need to Know About – BIPOLAR DISORDER


Bipolar disorder is identified by mood swings. If your mood often swings back and forth from severe lows (depression) to unrealistic or unstable highs (mania), you may have bipolar disorder. These periods are called episodes. Do the following types of episodes sound familiar? Use the following examples as a guideline. If you think these episodes [...]

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Dr. James Winston Voted TOP PSYCHIATRIST in Milwaukee Magazine


Every four years, Milwaukee Magazine, one of our city’s most popular publications, has doctors and nurses in the area complete a survey to identify Milwaukee’s TOP DOCTORS! So, when you are looking for a doctor or specialist in the Milwaukee area and want to know who has the top notch reputation of not only of [...]

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