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Let us help you form a trustful relationship with a behavioral health specialist. Having a behavioral healthcare provider benefits you and your family’s health and wellbeing. When choosing a provider, you have options, including which combination of treatment you choose for your care (psychiatry and medication management, therapy and counseling, addiction and recovery, group therapy, TMS therapy, psychological testing, Genetic testing, hypnosis, exposure therapy, and more).
If you need help choosing behavioral health specialist at American Behavioral Clinics, please call to speak with a staff member.

American Behavioral Clinics has over 25 specialists from medication management to various levels of therapy. Browse our provider biographies to help you make your choice

Once you have selected a provider, check with your insurance carrier to make sure he or she is in your network. American Behavioral Clinics contracts with these insurance plans (have this link to “Insurance Plans” under “Accepted Insurances” tab), however, we always recommend that you check with your plan directly.


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