The Relationship Between Mental and Physical Health


Unraveling the Relationship Between Mental and Physical Health There is an undeniable connection between mental and physical health. If you are struggling with physical health issues, then it is natural for your emotional health to suffer. The opposite is also true. If you are struggling with mental health issues, you can start experiencing more physical [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About National Mental Health Center Week


Typically held the first or second week of August annually, the National Mental Health Center Week celebrates all of our healthcare heroes, helps us look back on all that health centers have accomplished over the years, and raises mental health awareness for those interested in this topic across the United States. Mental health centers exist [...]

Everything You Need to Know About National Mental Health Center Week2020-08-03T16:00:43-05:00

July 24th- Celebrate International Self-Care Day


July 24th- International Self-Care Day On July 24th, we celebrate International Self-Care Day. This day was established in 2011, and the focus is on the awareness of the importance of self-care and empowering people with the knowledge and ability on how to be active participants in their own wellness. There are many health-related [...]

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Strengthening the Mental Health of Children


Personalized, Caring Attention for Children & Adolescents American Behavioral Clinics is an outpatient therapy treatment facility dedicated to effectively treating people with mental health challenges by reducing suffering, behavioral issues and the impact of psychological trauma.  We do this by providing psychiatric services, counseling, and group therapy that [...]

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Staying Strong During COVID-19


During these uncertain times of the Corona Virus outbreak, it is easy, if not even the “new normal” to feel overwhelmed and worried for the health and safety of ourselves, our loved ones, and for the entire planet. The information from the CDC and media outlets is continuously updated, and then changes constantly and quickly. [...]

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CBD Oil & Products Now Available at ABC


ABC and partner Viva Wellness are proud to now offer CBD oil and products! What exactly is CBD? - CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is extracted from the flowers and buds hemp plants. It does not produce intoxication, high, or other psychoactive effects.  Can help improve the following conditions: Anxiety Depression Pain Helps reduce stress Insomnia Supports weight-loss efforts - [...]

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Sexual Dysfunction


What is Sexual Dysfunction? Sexual dysfunction is when an individual experiences problems in the sexual response cycle which prevents the individual or couple from experiencing satisfaction in sexual activity. Sexual dysfunction can affect men and women. The phases of the sexual response cycle include: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. There are 4 types of sexual [...]

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Sleep Disorders


Do You Have a Sleep Problem? Sleep is a vital part of life. It helps people with focusing, concentration, and critical thinking. When something happens to an individual’s sleep schedule, it can throw off their whole day. Many people in the world suffer from sleep disorders. These disorders can be detrimental to an individual’s everyday [...]

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Stress Management


What is Stress and How to Recognize That You Need Help Simply, stress is a set of physical reactions to a psychological event. The physical reactions to stress include an increase in blood pressure, blood sugar level, heart rate, and adrenalin. Of course in times of true external danger (e.g., being attacked by a mugger), [...]

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Suicide Prevention: Warning Signs and Keys to Prevention American Behavioral Clinics is focused on the prevention of suicide. We use techniques to help individuals who are fighting against suicidal urges. We offer help to adults and adolescents. Preventing Suicide Warning signs aren't always obvious. Often it is trying to keep your suicidal thoughts and feelings [...]

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