Marriage Issues

Articles on Marriage Issues by American Behavioral Clinics of Wisconsin.

Making Stepfamilies Work


Smart Strategies to Make Stepfamilies Work Researchers estimate that nearly 50 percent of all first marriages end in divorce. This high rate has led to a boom in the number of stepfamilies. But their success rate doesn't appear any better - roughly 60 percent of second marriages end in divorce. Therapists who work with [...]

Making Stepfamilies Work2024-05-15T13:48:26-05:00

6 Ways Depression Can Affect Relationships


Depression can profoundly impact personal relationships, affecting both the individual experiencing depression and those close to them. Here's how: Strained Communication: Depression often leads to a lack of energy, motivation, and interest in activities, including communication. Individuals may withdraw from social interactions, becoming distant or unresponsive. This can create a sense of isolation and [...]

6 Ways Depression Can Affect Relationships2024-02-23T10:49:02-06:00

This Valentine’s Day, Is It Time for Couple’s Therapy?


What are you giving your Valentine this year? Is it a box of yummy candies or an elegant dinner? What will your sweetheart give you? No matter the gifts you exchange, may you both receive happiness. If you're unsure whether you and your partner will feel happy this Valentine's Day, perhaps you should give each [...]

This Valentine’s Day, Is It Time for Couple’s Therapy?2024-02-09T16:19:27-06:00

What Is a Couple’s Therapy Session Like?


A couple's therapy session typically involves a licensed therapist or counselor working with a romantic couple to address and resolve issues within their relationship. The specific dynamics of each session can vary based on the therapist's approach and the unique needs of the couple, but here are some common aspects: Assessment and Goal Setting: [...]

What Is a Couple’s Therapy Session Like?2024-01-22T15:45:09-06:00

Fall in Love With Your Partner Again This Fall


As the new season's colors begin to arrive, we're thinking about change. If you have been in a committed relationship for a while, change is likely no stranger. Now, you may be quite in love with your partnership's evolution. Alternatively, if your coupling needs a little TLC, we offer you some [...]

Fall in Love With Your Partner Again This Fall2023-09-22T15:32:31-05:00

Holding a Grudge Can Ruin Your Health


Many people have trouble turning loose of grudges. Yet, the effort put forth can improve your mental health dramatically. A study out of Sapienza University of Rome shows that people who hold grudges are more depressed and feel more anxious. Holding grudges also increases your stress level, which can cause high blood pressure, heart [...]

Holding a Grudge Can Ruin Your Health2023-06-29T13:49:46-05:00

Overcoming Relationship Loss


  If your relationship has ended through divorce, you understandably may be in a lot of pain. Your brain needs to process what happened so that you will not find yourself in that position again. Secondly, you need to work through a forgiveness process to move on with your life. Following this four-step approach can [...]

Overcoming Relationship Loss2021-11-22T13:39:03-06:00

Making Marriage Work


  Many young peoples dream of their wedding day. Often, accepting the harsh reality of life after marriage is what makes long-term marriages work. Make no mistake about it, staying married requires lots of hard work, but happily married couples discover the struggles are worth it in the end. Love Vs. Respect When you first [...]

Making Marriage Work2021-10-25T11:15:18-05:00