Can Pets Suffer From Depression?


Just like humans, pets can get depressed. They may no longer enjoy doing activities with you that they once loved. They may seem exceptionally hungry or not want to eat at all. You may also notice them being restless or seeming to sleep all the time. Especially in dog depression, they may start licking their [...]

Can Pets Suffer From Depression?2022-10-24T15:14:50-05:00

Mental Health Benefits From Walking


You do not have to have a gym membership to boost your mental health naturally. Walking is an excellent form of exercise that almost everyone can participate in regularly. Walking Enhances Moods Researchers with England's Mental Health Foundation teamed up with Sport England to conduct a study of adults. The study found that those who [...]

Mental Health Benefits From Walking2022-09-15T15:00:33-05:00

10 More Signs of Emotional Maturity


  Our original article "10 Signs of Emotional Maturity" went viral a while back, so we wanted to provide you with 10 more signs of emotional maturity!   Recognizing and accepting when you are burning out or are feeling off and being ok with asking for help- a day off from work or needing more [...]

10 More Signs of Emotional Maturity2022-06-28T17:11:08-05:00

Winter Wellness Tips


  Many people feel unhappy and discouraged during the winter months. About 5% of the U.S. population has been officially diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder, often abbreviated SAD, but even more suffer from winter blues. If you are one of them, there are several steps that you can take to feel more positive. Get Outside [...]

Winter Wellness Tips2022-11-17T13:56:22-06:00

The Good in New Year’s Resolutions


  The ancient Babylonians likely were the first to make New Years resolutions, and they were followed by ancient Romans. The resolutions were made to gods in hopes that they would bless them throughout the coming year. Today, about 40% of Americans make New Years resolutions, and of that group, about 40% keep their resolution [...]

The Good in New Year’s Resolutions2021-12-31T21:06:18-06:00

Finding Purpose


  If you have trouble finding purpose in life, you may want to think about the acronym CLIMB. Working through what each letter of this word means in your own life often results in finding your life’s purpose. Comprehend Your Uniqueness Each person is a unique creation with a particular skill set and interests. Make [...]

Finding Purpose2021-12-13T12:56:26-06:00

Self Care When Caring For A Loved One with Mental Illness


  Many people who are caring for a loved one with a mental illness put off caring for themselves. While that may work short-term, the long-term result will be that you can end up sick, mentally or physically, yourself. Therefore, you must practice self-love while taking care of a loved one with a mental illness. [...]

Self Care When Caring For A Loved One with Mental Illness2022-09-21T14:10:53-05:00

Behaviors To Improve Your Mental Health


Psychologists are still discovering the long-term effects of social distancing. Still, many clients report that their overall mental health has steeply declined as the pandemic forced them to isolate themselves from others. If you are one of the people who know you are negatively impacted by social isolation, there are steps that you can take [...]

Behaviors To Improve Your Mental Health2021-10-27T12:57:04-05:00

Making Real & Lasting Changes To Your Behavior For The Better


  Changing behavior is not for the faint of heart. Behavior modification takes hard work and dedication. It does not matter if it is winning a marathon or taking better care of your health., you must be ready to commit to hard work. Following some proven steps along the way can make any self-improvement goal [...]

Making Real & Lasting Changes To Your Behavior For The Better2021-10-15T10:59:55-05:00