May is Mental Health Awareness Month


  Since 1949, the United States has observed Mental Health Awareness Month every May. There are many events across the county during the month that are held to bring awareness of mental health issues, reduce the stigma of having a mental illness, and the help available for mental health issues. Each year has a specific [...]

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5 Ways to Cultivate Self-Awareness


Being self-aware means that we are aware of our emotions and emotional state at any moment, which can positively affect our thoughts and behaviors in any situation. We may even be able to even see ourselves objectively- what we say and do as seen from the perspective of someone else. This obviously isn’t an easy [...]

5 Ways to Cultivate Self-Awareness2020-09-30T15:52:24-05:00

Digitally Detoxing: Taking a Break from Social Media


If you have thought of taking a break from social media, you are certainly not alone. What was originally intended to be a digital meeting place for friends and family members to share pictures and to easily communicate has evolved to include attention-grabbing news items, advertisements that bombard, political rants, the ability to scream at [...]

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Working from Home: Ideas for Adjusting to Physical Distancing Within Your Home During Work Hours


Ideas for Balancing Productive Work and Family Life at Home The New Productivity Adjusting to working at home during the Stay at Home Order as we battle COVID-19 has presented many challenges for parents to balance home and work life, especially during working hours. Here are some ideas to consider trying so that [...]

Working from Home: Ideas for Adjusting to Physical Distancing Within Your Home During Work Hours2020-07-23T19:59:21-05:00

Free Online Sources for Personal Enrichment During COVID-19


Continuing To Make Personal Strides While it may be tempting to want to use this time to set big personal goals, it can be disappointing or frustrating when you may find that you just don’t have the energy needed to achieve them. What was perhaps a large ambition in the morning to master a musical [...]

Free Online Sources for Personal Enrichment During COVID-192020-07-23T18:50:30-05:00

What You Need to Know About Bipolar Disorder


Bipolar Disorder: Signs & Symptoms Bipolar disorder is identified by mood swings. If your mood often swings back and forth from severe lows (depression) to unrealistic or unstable highs (mania), you may have bipolar disorder. These periods are called episodes. Do the Following Types of Episodes Sound Familiar Use the following examples as a guideline. [...]

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Making Stepfamilies Work


Smart Strategies to Make Stepfamilies Work Researchers estimate that nearly 50 percent of all first marriages end in divorce. This high rate has led to a boom in the number of stepfamilies. But their success rate doesn't appear any better - roughly 60 percent of second marriages end in divorce. Therapists who work with stepfamilies [...]

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Your Emotional Intelligence: The Secret of Being A Star Performer at Work


Most Important Quality for Being a Leader We all know a star performer at work; he or she's that person who closes the accounts the fastest, relates best to the customer or is the manager that has the respect of all the staff. We think of these `workplace celebrities' as more talented, more skilled, or [...]

Your Emotional Intelligence: The Secret of Being A Star Performer at Work2018-08-22T18:05:53-05:00

Holiday Eating Tips


Holiday Eating Tips By Stacey Nye, PhD, FAED Thanksgiving is right around the corner and many of my clients have a similar concern: How to handle all the food usually present at large family holiday events. Hopefully, these tips will help get you through with little stress and much enjoyment. Tip # 1 Eat all [...]

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Greendale Against Bullying-What is bullying?


Greendale Against Bullying What is Bullying? American Behavioral Clinics has partnered with Greendale Against Bullying. On March 22nd they had a rally to show the movie Bully, listen to former Packer Gilbert Brown and talk about how to defeat bullying. Dr. James Winston gave a speech to the 400 people who had come to take [...]

Greendale Against Bullying-What is bullying?2018-08-21T22:08:03-05:00
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